#WorkoutWednesdayDecipher – Week 2 out of 53

Challenge :

Here are the requirements:

  1. The dashboard title should change to say ‘All Departments’ when you select ‘All’ in the filter
  2. The department logo should change when you select a department, but disappear when you select ‘All’
  3. The line chart title should update when you change the filter
  4. All the charts and tooltips should look the same as mine

Create same viz as like Below.

Dataset: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=43EBDBC5D5265516!10928&ithint=file%2cxlsx&app=Excel&authkey=!ANa8vC6B5ZNcO8E

Decipher :

  1. Connect to Dataset- If you want to know how to connect to Dataset and Prepare Datasource to check my #WWDecipher1
  2. As per the above Image, our report is a breakdown of two Graphs, One is Line Graph showing Sales Trend Over Order Date and Other is Bargraph Showing the Best Categories.
    1. Line Graph: This is the line Graph we need to Develop – Lets start creating Sheet called Line Graph
        i) Let’s Breakdown this line Graph
      a. The line is Showing Order date Wise sales Trend. Let’s develop same as above.
      Step 1: Drag [Order Date] to Columns                           Step 2: Click on Year(Order Date) and Select Continous Month
                  Step 3:  Drag Sales to Rows. You get a view like Below                       Step 4: Change the Color to Black                       b. There is a dot at the line end
        Follow below Step by step to achieve the Same.
      Marks Section –> Label –> Check “Show Mark Labels” (if  not checked)–> Marks to Label –> Most Recent
       c. The line chart title should update when you change the filter like below

      i) We Need to Show Latest Month and Latest Month Sales
      Functional Approach:           1) Lets Pick Maximum Date using Technical Approach
      with above Tableau Calculation, you will Get Maximum Date
      Change the Default Date Format by Right Click on the Calculated Field –> Default Properties –> Date Format –> Select March 2001
      2) Let’s Pick Latest Value
      Functional Approach:
      Let’s Drag the two calculated fields to Detail Shelf in the Marks Section –> Double Click on Title –> Arrange the Title as Below
      Once you are done you will get a view like Below and our Line Chart is ready, work
      Edit the Tooltips Like below
      Now your line Graph is Ready, Along with the toolTips.
    2. Let’s work on Bar Graph and develop same like as below – Lets start create a sheet called Bar Graph.
      Step 1: Drag “Product Sub Category” to Rows
      Step 2: Drag Sales to Columns
      Step 3: Click On Sort
      Step 4: Drag Profit to Color Section
      Step 5: Format the Legend and Change Color to black Shades
      Step 6: You will get a View like Below and rename the title to “Best Selling Categories”
      Step 7: Drag Product Sub Category to Filter and Select Top Condition and Select 5
      Step 9: Our Legend is showing title, without Values
      Target Legend:

      Lets format our Legend –> Click on Legend –> Select Format Legend –> Change the Title Font Color to Black –> and Body Font color to White
      Step 8: Let’s work on Tooltips
      Target Tooltip Like Below:
      Lets Edit The tooltip ( follow the same process as you have done for line graph to reach tableau edit tooltip window)–> Arrange your tooltip like below
      We are done with the Line Graph and Bar Graph, let’s work on other requirements
  3. The dashboard title should change to say ‘All Departments’ when you select ‘All’ in the filter – Lets start creating sheet called Title
    1. Drag “Product Category” to Filter
    2. Click on the Filter and Select Option Show Filter
    3. A filter will pop up on the Right Side, Format the Filter and Select “Single Value (List)”
    4. You will get filter view like below
    5. Drag Product Category to Detail and Change the Marks Section to Polygon
    6. Click on Title and Arrange the title as Below ( like you have done for sales report)
    7. Our Sheet will Show now, All Department Sales when we Select “All” and respective Department what we select in Filter
      Now we are done with the dashboard Title. Let’s see the other requirement. Hide the Filter Pane ( Click on the Inverted Triangle and Select Hide Card)
  4. The department logo should change when you select a department, but disappear when you select ‘All’ – Lets Start creating sheet called Icon
      1. Drag Product Category to Detail and Select Shapes
      2. Create a calculated to count the Products  and Hide them when all selected
      3. Drag Product Category to Filter and Make it Context to make your fixed calculation works ( Check Tableau Order of Operations or check my blog Dimension and Top 10 Filter )
        repeat the same steps in 3rd point from a to d to show the filter
      4. Drag the Count calculated filed to filter to force the sheet to blank when the count is more than 1 and Exclude the false Condition
      5. Now your sheet Goes blank when you Select All.
      6. Now Assign Custom Icons to each Product by assigning custom Shapes  ( Check this how to assign custom shapes) and get the Week2 Icons from Here
      7. Assign the Custom Icons to each Sub Category

Now We are Done with all the Requirements, let’s Create a Dashboard

Step 1: Drag Title Sheet first in Dashboard
Step 2: Drag Icon Sheet and Make it as Floating and Filter as Tiled. Once Filter appears to Click on It and Apply to Worksheets and Select apply to all using Data Source
arrange Sheet at the Top.
Step 3: Drag Line Chart sheet
Step 4: Drag Bar Chart sheet

Once you are done, do some little formatting and you will get a view like below

Interactive Viz: Click Here 

2 down 51 to go. Kindly Provide your feedback so that it will be helpful for feature posts.