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Tableau Version – Conversion – Now at your finger tips

Hi All,

( Works only for TWBX, working TWB file will update soon)

Since many people face the issue while opening Tableau Higher version in Lower version. I have created PowerShell script which helps to downgrade your version to whichever you want

Download The Script from here: Tableau_Version_Conversion

( Click on the Tableau_version_Conversion, Copy the text which opens in Tab and pastes it in  Notepad and saves the file with .ps1 )

Download the script and follow the below steps

Step 1: Windows + R, it will open “Run” Window

Step 2: Type “cmd”, command prompt window will open.

Step 3: Enter the following command
cd “<Path where you downloaded and Saved>” (in my case cd “C:\Users\Downloads”)

Step 4: After that run the following command
Powershell.exe ./<Script Name > ( In my case Powershell.exe ./Tableau_version_coversion.ps1)

Step 5: Provide the parameters which script asks like Path, TWBX Name

Step 6: Once Script Runs check your folder where TWBX is saved, there you can find a folder with your Work name. Open that folder and reach out to Output folder and in that Converted_twbx folder will be available. In that folder, you will be able to find your converted File

Kindly provide your comments or errors in comments section, will try to help you or will change the script more dynamically


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