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Tableau Server – Database

Every application comes with its own admin database to store the necessary information based on the activities we perform on the Application. Same with the Tableau server.

Tableau Server has its own database called “workgroup”, where whole activities which you performed on the server will get stored in the respective Tables like User information or workbook or many more.

Workgroup database is running on PostgreSQL Server and it’s a columnar storage and nowadays postgre increasing day by day with its own benefits. Now let’s see how we can access the database.

In order to access any database, you need to have a Username, Password, Database name, port Number, and Server Name.

Database Name: workgroup (by default)
Port Number: 8060 (by default) [ You may need to manually open the port in any firewall between your external client and the Tableau Server database.]

Server Name:

Now we need to get the username and password, Tableau server provides three users to access DB.
1) tableau (read-only access to Views in the DB)
2) readonly (read-only access to all tables and views)
3) tblwgadmin ( root user)

In order to get passwords, to respective users, follow the below steps.

  1. By running tableau admin commands,
    1. search for command prompt and run it as administrator
    2. Once cmd opens, use the below command
      cd C:\program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\<version number eg : 10.5 or 10.4>\bin
    3. after this run, the below commands one by one to get the respective users password
      To get the “tableau” users run the below command
      tabadmin get pgsql.remote_password
      To get the “readonly” user password run the below command
      tabadmin get pgsql.readonly_password
      To get the “tblwf=gadmin” user password run the below command
      tabadmin get pgsql.adminpassword.
  • Now we have all the entities which we required to connect to Tableau DB

Let’ see in the next post how we can connect to DB and Query the database.

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