Tableau as a vendor releases many products for development perspective by considering the different set of audience.

Let’s see the difference between all the products at a glance

Attribute Tableau Desktop Professional Tableau Desktop Personal Tableau Public (Desktop version)
Connecting to Data source 70 + Data Sources

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Excel, Text files (like .csv files), Microsoft access for windows, JSON, Spatial file, Statistical files, Tableau Data Extract, OData, Google Sheets, PDF Connector and Web Data Connector Excel, Text File, Access, JSON File, PDF File, Statistical File, Odata, Google Sheets and  WDC
Save Locally Yes Yes No
Publish Publish to Tableau Server or Online No Publish to Tableau Public
Data Source Limit  unlimited unlimited 1,00,000 records
Privacy Restricted to some users Restricted to some users Access to everyone
Licensing Monthly $70/user/month $35/user/month Free
Licensing Annualy $1,999 with annual maintenance $999 with annual Maintenance Free