Hello Techies,

Usually while you are activating the Tableau Desktop, you will get a error like

we are unable to activate the product. Make sure you are connected to internet and try again. Alternatively , save an activation file and go to http://www.tableau.com/activation to complete the activation process”

This error mainly occur due to following reasons:

  1. Your laptop or PC not connected to Internet.
  2. Your antivirus blocking the activation.

whenever you give the Product key, tableau will reach out to licensing.com to verify your key. Once your key got verified you will receive a pop up with the message “Activated and Registration Successful”. If your activation process didn’t triggered by licensing.com above were the two reasons.

If your laptop or PC didn’t get connected to internet, then just connect to internet and activate the product. Still your product is not yet activated even though you connected to internet then follow this step by step process to activate the Tableau offline

  1. This is the error you will get while activating tableau 

2. Click on Save to save the “offline.tlq” file

3. Click on this how to activate tableau offline to activate Tableau Offline.

4. Once you click on the above link, you will be redirected to tableau activation website

5.Reach out to the Offline activation section

6. Click on Choose file and select  the offline.tlq file which you already saved7. Click on “Upload Activation file”.

8. You will get a message like “The activation was successful. Please click here to download your activation file”. Once you click on that “activation.tlf” will get downloaded. save the file to your local PC or laptop.

9. After you save the file . Double click on the  activation.tlf file, automatically tableau get registered with key and you will get a popup showing “The activation was successful”

10.Once activation is done, register for the product and check your key duration by checking the help Menu –> Manage Product Keys.

Let me know if you face any issues in comments, Will be explaining Tableau Starting window and Data connection in the coming posts…