Last Week we saw Tableau Desktop QA FAQ’s, this week lets concentrate on Tableau Server Qualified Associate.

  1. How to Register for the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate?
    Ans: Use this Link: How to register for Certification?
  2. What are the Variants of Tableau Server Certification?
    Ans: One is “Tableau Server Qualified Associate” and Other is “Tableau Server Certified Professional”. To know more in detail check this link: Tableau Certification
  3. Can I appear directly for Tableau Server Certified Profession without giving Tableau Server Qualified Associate?
    Ans: No, you must clear the Tableau Server Qualified Associate in order to appear for certified professional
  4. What is the cost of Tableau Server QA Certification?
    Ans: 250 $
  5. What is the Course content to Prepare for?
    Ans: Check this link: Server QA Exam Guide
  6. What is the Time Limit?
    Ans: 90 minutes
  7. How many numbers of Questions?
    Ans: 80
  8. What is the Passing Score needed to clear the Certification?
    Ans: 75%
  9. What is the format of Questions?
    Ans: Multiple choices, multiple responses, true/false
  10. In how many languages tableau server QA is offered?
    Ans: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, International Spanish
  11. Can I Access google while writing the Exam?
    Ans: Yes, Tableau is an open book system you will be having access to google you can search Tableau Community, Tableau Help PDF, and many more resources.
  12. Which guide do I need to read to Clear the Certification?
    Ans: Use this link: Ultimate Guide
  13. Can I get Tableau Server environment while writing the Certification?
    Ans: Yes you will be having an access to the Local Tableau Server Environment which is already set up by Tableau. Where you can log in and check the Web interface of the Server like you can create sites, add users, Check the status and many more…
  14. How many Months of hands-on Experience needed before appearing certification?
    > If you are currently working as Tableau Admin and have 1-2 years of Experience then you can give the exam directly because you already know the basics of Tableau Server, configuration and many more.
    > If you are not a Tableau Admin want to appear then at least 3-4 months experience is necessary to cover all the concepts of Tableau.
  15. Useful Resources/Links? (Attached text document)
    Ans:  Useful Links

If any questions or guidance needed kindly reach out to me..