Hello Viz Enthusiasts,

Since many of you people know now how to register for the Certification, what is the Certification criteria and all.Now, Lets see what should be done to become “Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate“. I will be putting all the FAQ’s based on my Preparation towards Desktop Qualified Certification.

  1. How to Register for the Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate?
    Ans: Use this link How to Register for Certification?
  2. What are the Variants of Tableau Desktop Certification?
    Ans: One is “Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate” and Other is “Tableau Certified Professional”
  3. What is the Cost of Tableau Desktop Qualified Certification?
    Ans: $250
  4. What is the Course Content to Prepare for?
    Ans: Check this link : Exam Guide
  5. What is the Time Limit?
    Ans: 2 Hrs
  6. How Many Number of Questions?
    Ans: 36
  7. What is the Percentage needed to Clear the Certification?
    Ans: 75 % ( 27  Questions need to be correct)
  8. How Many Question will be Hands on and how many will be Theoretical?
    Ans: On My D-day I got 20 hands on and 16 Theoretical
  9. Can I Access google while writing the Exam?
    Ans: Yes, Tableau is a open book system you will be having access to google you can search Tableau Community, Tableau Help PDF and many more resources.
  10.  Which guide I need to read to Clear the Certification?
    Ans: Use this URL: Ultimate Guide
  11. What are the best real time scenarios to work up on?
    Ans:Workout Wednesday : Click to here to see workoutwednesday Challenges
    Tableau Community : Tableau Community is the best platform where you can learn many things to workup on which will be asked by other Viz Enthusiasts
  12. What are the topics and Links I have gone thru before appearing for the Certification? ( My A-Z Guide )
    a) Top 15 LOD Calculations:  https://www.tableau.com/about/blog/LOD-expressions
    b) Blending : https://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2014/5/9-data-blending-tips-data14de-30845
    c) Table Calculations:  https://interworks.com/blog/channel/table-calculations
    d) Calculated Fields : https://interworks.com/blog/channel/calculated-fields
    e) Calculations : https://interworks.com/blog/channel/calculations
    f) Tableau Essentials : https://interworks.com/blog/series/tableau-essentials
    g) Connecting to Data: https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/basicconnectoverview.html
    h) Use Cases : http://www.tableauinfo.com/brain-teasers–with-solutions-tableau.html
    i) Tableau Calculations : https://www.tableau.com/sites/default/files/pages/table_calcs_in_tableau_6.pdf
    j) Frequently used calculations : https://www.olgatsubiks.com/frequently-used-tableau-calculation
    K) Table Calculations : http://drawingwithnumbers.artisart.org/wiki/tableau/table-calculations/
    L) Reference and One stop place : http://www.tableaureferenceguide.com/
    M) Date Functions : https://interworks.com/blog/ccapitula/2015/04/15/tableau-essentials-calculated-fields-date-functions/
    N) Date Calculations: https://www.dexlabanalytics.com/blog/comprehensive-tableau-reference-guide-calculated-field-date-functions
    O) Sets : https://www.tableau.com/about/blog/2013/4/lets-talk-about-sets-23043
    P) Sets 2: https://interworks.com/blog/rcurtis/2016/10/26/tableau-deep-dive-sets-introduction-sets/
    Q) Groups : http://vizualintelligenceconsulting.com/blog-tableau-groups-vs-sets/
    R) Parameters: https://interworks.com/blog/interworks/2012/03/26/how-to-create-and-use-parameters-in-tableau/
    S) Real Time Scenarios  : http://www.tableauexpert.co.in/p/real-time-scenarios.html
    T) Date Functions: https://interworks.com/blog/rcurtis/2017/02/06/tableau-deep-dive-dates-more-date-functions/
    U) Tableau Do It Yourself : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1BLywLrQUcE&list=PLyD1XCIRA3gQmN73dHwQWr4R08ABZFMtZ 
    V) Parameters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opfVV1maNVw
    W) Master Calculations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgIns64-XnQ
    X) Advanced Table Calculations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IolPojAeczU
    Y)  Tips from Zen Master :
    iii) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzmceF3_k7M
    iv) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5zZasau9X8
    Z) Tip Tuesday : http://www.vizwiz.com/p/tips.html
  13. Any Mock test Available ?
    Ans: Yes
    1) https://learningtableau.com/
    2) http://www.tableauinfo.com/tableau-online-mock-tests.html
  14. Areas to Concentrate More?
    Ans: 1) LOD
    2) Date Calculations
    3) Sets and Groups
    4) Parameters
    5) Data Blending
  15. what was My Golden rule ?
    Ans: Daily strict 1 hr to read the basics of each concept, use the tableau community to search questions based on My read and solve accordingly.

All the best…. and Kindly let me know if any doubts you have