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Finally got time to write, last part of the series. In the previous posts as we learn how to register for the certification & how to prepare for Tableau Desktop QA and Tableau Server QA.

As you are ready to take the exam what are the steps to be taken care before starting the exam. Let’s see what are the FAQ’s we can cover

  1. Can i appear for the certification in open or Public Space?
    Ans: No, you need to appear or give the certification in a closed space.
  2. Can i use my notes or some material to give the answers while writing the exam?
    Ans: No, your sorroundings should be clean doesn’t possess any notes or material or electronic which helps to clear the certification.
  3. Before writing the exam what are the necessary steps to be take care of
    1. Preparing your environment and ensuring your internet
      connection is fast and reliable is vital to ensuring a successful
      exam experience.
    2. Check you Internet Connectivity?
      1. Go to this URL –> https://cloud.skytap.com/connectivity
      2. select the region
      3. Click on “Start Connectivity Checker”
        Latency should be less than 50ms, while i am writing the exam the latency was 67ms still i face bit difficulty while attending the exam like the exam will get struck for some time.
      4. Make Sure you have the supported web browser
      5. If your client connection got failed , your network connection may be blocked by a firewall rule or other restriction. Work with your network administrator to make sure that you have access to the port ranges and IP addresses required for browser-based access to Skytap Cloud VMs.
      6. Latency check:
        In order increase your latency, Check the below URL’s
        Improving Perfomance during a browser client Session, My Network has high latency to skytap cloud, What can i do?
      7. Make sure you directly connected to LAN instead of WIFI
    3. Be present infront of the sytem before 10 min so that it will be helpful to do the initial setup so that you can save time.
  4. Once I Start the exam what I need to do?
    Ans: >  A proctor Video popup will open and he/she will ask you to show                    the sorroundings
    > Once the sorroundings are Clear he/she will ask you to show the                    address so that to confirm your identity.
    Check this link for the same : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nmpraWJyVw
  5. Can I connect my screen to projector?
    Ans: No you can’t connect any application or hardware to your system in the first proctor will disable all the applications.
  6. Can i take the screenshots of the Question while appearing for the exam so that it will help for my second attemp if i fail?
    Ans: No you won’t be able to do any sort of capturing certification information while writing it.
  7. Can I use any material online while writing the exam?
    Ans: You will be having access to the web but if you open any mail or unethical information which helps to clear the certification will be treated as malpractice and your exam will be terminated your session completely monitored by the proctor until you close the exam.

Hope this helps !!! Signing off Certification blogspot

I hope it will be helpful, whenever a question popped up in my head I will update the posts accordingly.

ALL THE BEST !!!!! Reach out to me if you any doubts or any clarifications needed, happy to help.