Hi All,

As of late I have finished Tableau server Certification. Presently I am formally Tableau Desktop and Server Qualified Associate, with the experience I am composing blog entry on accreditation in arrangement of 4. One which discloses about how to begin the Certification procedure. Second will clarify about Tableau Desktop Certification ideas to cover and how I Prepared?. Third will portray about Tableau Server Certification. I will explaining this series of post as like FAQ’s. and Last one is what steps need to be taken care of before the exam

  1. Which stage will give the Tableau Certification is it Udemy, Coursera, Lynda, Code foundation, Tableau?
    Ans: Tableau Official Certificate will be given by straightforwardly Tableau Team there is no other outsider sites give the same.
  2. How many levels of Certification is available with Tableau?
    Ans: There are two Levels of Certification for both the Desktop and Server in which one is Qualified Associate and Certified Professional 
  3. What is the Cost of Certification for Qualified Associate and Certified Professional?
  4. How can i Register for an Exam?
    1. Open the Tableau lcs Certification URL: https://tableau.lcsexams.com/ 
    2.  Click on “Create a new LES Account”
    3. you will be asked to enter the basic Details like name, email id as below
    4. fill all the fields click on “Register”, once your registration is done you will be prompted to select the Exam either tableau desktop or server  Qualified or Certified 
    5. Click on Next and Select the Exam language 
    6. Click Next and Do the Payment
    7. Once you are done with payment you will find the exam details and all in your Tableau lcs account
  5. Can I Write Tableau Certified Professional exam Directly instead of Qualified?
    Ans: No, First you need to clear the Qualified associate then only you will be eligible to write Certified Professional.
  6. How many attempts I get to write certification if Paid the fees?
    Ans: Only 1 Attempt.
  7. If I didn’t Clear the Certification will i get my money back?
    Ans: No, its one time if you didn’t clear the Certification then again you need to pay.
  8. How many time i can apply or register for Certification ?
    Ans: you can apply or register as many times until you clear the certification.
  9. Does my certificate expires?
    Ans: Yes after 2 year from the day you cleared the certification
  10. Do I need to write Certification the day after I paid the amount?
    Ans: No you have the chance to Select the Time slot and date as per your convenience.
  11. Can I reschedule my Certification Exam?
    Ans: Exams may be rescheduled as per instructions, but must be done more than 24 hours prior to exam delivery.
  12. Can i appear for Certification after 6 Months ?
    Ans: Exams are to be taken within 6 months of original ordered date. Exams not taken within this time frame will expire and no refunds will be given. Extensions cannot be granted.
  13. Mode of Exam Payments?
    Ans: Exams may be purchased by American Express, Visa, or MasterCard, and must be ordered by the exam candidate. By using a credit card to pay for your exam, you confirm that the card being used is yours. * All exam pricing is in USD.
  14. Can I get any dumps for the Certification?
    Ans: No, you won’t get any certification Dumps and Tableau certification pretty difficult if you don’t have prior experience and for every attempt you will get different sets of Questions.

Hope this helps, in coming series posts I will be explaining about Tableau Desktop Certification what are all the topics to Covers and best practice to prepare.