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Sort Measures Dynamically – Top 10- With Parameter

Business Scenario:

The user wants to see the Top 10 Sub-Categories based on Sales, Profit, Quantity and Discount.

Step 1: Create a Parameter on which measures user want to sort
Step 2: Drag “Sub-Category” to Rows

Step 3: Create a Calculated field called Measure and use the below calculation to map with Parameter
Step 4: Drag the calculated field ( Measure) to Rows shelf and click on Descending sort on the toolbar

Step 5: Click on the parameter “Sort on” which is at the right bottom and select “Show parameter Control”

Step 6: User should get view like this

Step 7: Change the parameter from sales to other Mesures like Profit, Discount and Quantity automatically your chart will change
Step 8: Now we need to take care of the Top 10, Press Ctrl and drag sub-category field to Filters

Step 9: Click on “Top” menu in filter and select “By field”
Select Entity – Top
Blank – with 10 value
by – Field which we created (Measure)
Aggregation – SUM

Step 10: Click ok

Step 11: Now change Your parameter, then you will be able to see the Measure wise top 10 sub-Categories

Find out the workbook below

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