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Show Current Month Always First in Sales Trend

Business Scenario:
User Need to See Month Wise Sales, But a small thing in that would be first in the X-Axis should be always Current Month, Then Followed by Subsequent Months. Whatever the Completed Months Should Come in Last

Eg : Now We are in April Month, My X-Axis Should Start From Apr, then followed by May – Dec , after Dec , we should show Jan,Feb,Mar

So Let’s use the Superstore Dataset,  Download the data from this link

Step 1: Drag Order Date to Columns and Sales to Rows
Step 2: Change the Year Granularity to Month
Step 3: You will get a View Like this
Step 4: Change the Marks Type to Bar Graph
Step 5: let’s Understand the theoretical Concept how to get the Requirement
Step 6: Based on the Theoretical, let’s use the same approach in Tableau write a calculation based on that
Step 6(i): Let’s understand the Calculation Step by Step
Step 6(ii): Elseif Condition
Step 7: We have made up the Calculation, let’s see how it work
Step 8: As we Created the Visualization let sort-based on the Created calculated Field, Click on Month Column and Select Sort
Step 9: Change the Layout as per the Below Screen
Step 10: Once You have done it, your business requirement got sorted out and you will get the view with Current Month always First
After Little bit formatting Changes, View as Below

Interactive Viz Link: 

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