Today one of my Friend in Whats app group asked about Pagination in Tableau and how to do it?

If I have 1000 records in a sheet.. how can I show 10 records per page.. means how to do a pagination?

Let’s see how to solve this step by step

Step 1: Connect to Superstore dataset.
Step 2: Drag Product Name to Rows and Sales to Columns. You will get a view like below ( sort by Sales Desc)
Step 3: let’s see how functional approach will work

Step 4: Create a row number field using INDEX calculation ( Index compute by Product Name)

Step 5: As we got the row number lets see how we can we bifurcate the row number into sets of 10. Create a calculated field called modified which breaks down the index to sets of 10
Step 6: Drag the Modified field (change the field to discrete )to Filter and Select the slider option

Kindly let me know if you face any issues