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Installation of Tableau Server – Step by Step Pictorial Guide-Windows

Hi-Viz Geeks,
Let’s start our Journey with Tableau Server. Initially, we will start with the installation of it Step by Step.

Before Installing Tableau Server, let’s see what will be the pre-requisites we need to have

Hardware Compatibility ( Own installation compatibility not for large-scale installation)
1) 2 Cores
2) 8 GB RAM
3) 15 GB Hard Disk
4) Google Chrome/Internet Explorer compatibility
If you want to view the standard compatibility requirements, please check the below link:

Now First download the tableau server from the below link :

Click on the above link and follow this path
Tableau Server –> Version you want to download (for this post I have downloaded Tableau 10.5)–> Click on 10.5 –> and Download Tableau 10.5 Server –> Download the 64 bit

Once You downloaded the software follow the below steps to install

  1. Run the Application as with administrator privileges
  2. Windows will ask for pop up whether to install with yes or no click on the Yes
  3. Server Installation popup will appear stating to close all the application, Click on Next
  4. Once you Click on Next, you need to select the destination location where you want to install the server default location (C:\Program files\Tableau\Tableau Server ), Click next and don’t change  default location because if you install in another location then you need to give permission to folder separately ( which I will explain in different post how to do this)
  5. Once you click on Next tableau will check for the minimum recommendations and will through a popup whether your system meets the minimum recommendations or not. Click on Next
  6. After you click Next, you need the accept the license agreement and click next
  7. After this, you need to select program setup shortcuts, make the default and don’t change anything. Click Next.
  8. Now you are ready to start the installation tableau Server, Click on Install
  9. It will unzip the files and install the configuration files in default Location. It will take some time and Once installation complete you will get a popup to configure your Tableau Server. Click on Next.
  10. Once click on next, it will take some time to register the keys and it will ask to allow the network access. Clik on allow access to provide the port access
  11. After you allow access, you will get a popup to activate your server if you have the click on Activate or you can use 14-day trial Version.
  12. Since I have the key, I clicked on the Activate product and Provided the key. Once after this screen, you will be asked to provide registration details. Provide the registration details as requested and click on register.
  13. you will get a screen for registration completion and click on “continue” for continuing the installation
  14. Once click on Continue it will take few minutes to process your registry entries and all the background and you will be asked to configure tableau Server.
    you need the username and password to enter
    Username will be your computer name and username combined with slash
    How to get the username follow the below steps
    Step 1: Ctrl + E, you will get the file explorer
    Step2: In the left pane, right click on my computer and go to properties
    Step 3: You will see computer name, domain grouping in that you will be to find your computer just copy that and paste into the username cell
    Step 4: after you paste the computer name provide the backslash now you got the domain name, let’s see how will get username

    Step 5: Go to this path C:\Program files\Users apart from public you will be able to find a folder with the name which you give while installing the OS, just copy the name and paste in the username cell after the backslash ( mine is tableau)
    Password: when you try to login to system, you will provide a password that password you need to give the password cell
    ( If you don’t have the password, then create user in the control panel and use that user account)
    >> Our installation local authentication default it will check if not check it
    >> port number will be 80
    >> Open port number in windows firewall check it
    >> Include sample Data Check, which will publish sample dashboards in serverOnce you fill all the cell just click ok and don’t bother other tabs will be explaining each tab in future
  15. After clicking Ok it will take some time to save your configuration settings and you will get a popup like “Setting have been saved. Continuing with tableau server installation”. Clik ok, after this tableau server will take few minutes based on your System hardware to start the services have patience at this step. Once whole services started you will get a pop up to launch your tableau server
  16. click on finish, once you clicked on finish your default browser will open a link (http://localhost) and will ask for creating server admin account and provide the required details and create an administrator account
  17. Once it is done your tableau server is up and ready you will be viewing page like this below
    ( Tableau samples folder is get created since you checked include sample data while configuring)
  18. Your installation is completed and try to do R&D to explore things and will be explaining tableau features step by step in coming posts

Let me know if any issues occur while installing the below comments will try to reply ASAP.

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