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Since you already downloaded the Tableau Desktop and as well as you got the license lets see how we can install in a step by step process.

  1. As from the first post you came to know how to download Tableau Desktop , Once it gets downloaded, go to the folder where it got saved (Mine is Downloads\Programs\TableauDesktop-64bit-10-4-0.exe)
  2. Right click on the file and run it as “Administrator”
  3. Once you run it as an “Administrator”, you will get a pop up to allow the installation of Tableau Desktop. Click on “Yes” then your tableau installation window will open.
  4. Check the “I have read and accept the terms of License agreement” disclaimer.
  5. Once you checked the Disclaimer, two buttons will get activated one is “Customize” and “Install”
    1. Customize – Customizing your installation by checking the options like
      1. Install Location – Usually install location will be default location (C:/Program files/Tableau/Tableau <version number> ) , if you want change the default location then you can change as per your needs
      2. Create Desktop Shortcut – Create a Desktop Shortcut
      3. Check for Tableau Updates – Automatically check for Tableau Updates
      4. Install database drivers: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server,PostgreSQL SQL and Amazon Red shift – This drivers will help to get connected to Tableau repository along with some default application
    2. Install:  If you click on install button , automatically tableau will get install with the Default settings
  6. Click on either “Customize” or “Install” as per your need. Once you click on install then Tableau Installation will start
  7. Once Tableau Desktop installation completes, Tableau Desktop application automatically will open
  8. Once Tableau application opens it will ask whether to activate or use trail version
  9. If you are using Tableau Desktop for the first time, then click on “Start Trail Know” , next after you click that then you need to register yourself
  10. Fill all the fields and click on Register, once you click on register tableau will take some time send your details to server and once its done you will get a popup like “Registration Completed
  11. Once Your registration completed , then use the Tableau for 14 days after that activate the product with the key you got from Tableau Pre-release.
  12. To activate the product go to Help Menu –> Manage Product keys A pop up will open showing your Trail Expiry date 
  13. Click on Activate , the you will get a pop up to enter the product key 
  14. Once you enter the product and click on activate, Tableau will ask you to restart the application to reflect the changes happened. Click on “ok
  15. Tableau will ask you to register for the product. Since you already registered automatically fields will filled with the required info.
  16. Close the Tableau application and open it again. After that go to Help Menu –> Manage Product keys there you will be able to find the your product key along with the Key expiry and maintenance expiry dates.

You are done with Installation of Tableau Desktop , in next post you will able to find how to activate tableau desktop offline.

Kindly let me know any doubts in comments..