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Circular Calendar

I was going thru blogs and then I found out the Circular dotted arrangement of Days. So I thought of replicating the same in the tableau.

In order to this, I have taken our high school approach to creating unit point circle as below

Based on this I have Mapped day to angles to point along the angles accordingly. like below

Date Holiday Radius

(Radius of circle)

Description of Holiday Holiday Type Angle
(to map the Date along X and Y )
01-01-2018 R 1 New Year’s Day Restricted Holiday 90.0000000000
02-01-2018 N 1 No Holiday Normal Day 79.8387096774
03-01-2018 N 1 No Holiday Normal Day 69.6774193548
04-01-2018 N 1 No Holiday Normal Day 59.5161290323

Consider Jan-1-2018, angle is 90, our x coordinate will rcos(θ) = 1*cos(90)=0
and our Y Coordinate will be rsin(θ) = 1*sin(90) = 1
Jan-1-2018 will get plotted on the (0,1) coordinate, like this all the dates I have defined angles by bifurcation up to 315 degrees

Let’s start how to build the circular chart step by step. Before going thru the download this dataset: Circular Calendar Dataset

Once downloaded & connect to the Dataset and create the following calculation

Day: To Extract the day from the date ( which will be helpful for partition ) It will get stored in Measure change it to Dimensions by right click on the field  and Convert to Dimension. First: To get the short name of the month
Month: To get the Month of Date ( which will be helpful for partition) . It will get stored in Measures change it to Dimensions by right click on the field  and Convert to Dimension.

Weekday: to get the weekday of date which helps to highlight the weekends
X: X-coordinates for circle Points ( pi()/180 to convert degree to radians)
Y: Y-Coordinates for Circle points
Holiday Type Grouping: To group the Holiday Type and weekdays into single Calculated field which helps for Color
(Note: after ELSE “N/A” write end )

Now let’s start building the visualization

  1. Drag X field to Columns
  2. Drag Y Field to Rows
  3. Drag Month field to Detail
  4. Drag Day Field to Detail
  5. Change Marks from shape to Circle
  6. Drag Holiday Type Grouping to Color
  7. First field to text

i) Check “Allow labels to overlap other Marks”
ii) Click on “Alignment”
a. Horizontal section  click on “Left”
b. Vertical Section Click on “Middle”
8. Click on SUM(X) in columns and uncheck “Show Header”     9. Click on SUM(Y) in Rows and uncheck and “Show Header”     10. Change the worksheet layout to Entire View

Now your Circular Calendar is ready, just do some little formatting changes and you are good to go.


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