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How to access Tableau Server Database?

In the previous post, we saw how to retrieve the password for respective users if in case you didn’t check the previous post use the below link (  )

>> You need a client which can connect to Postgre database ( I am using SQL/J Workbench)
>> Java JDD 8 and above
>> Postgrejdbc Driver

Step 1: download SQL/J workbench using this link
Step 2: Once you download Extract the Zip file to a folder
Step 3: Click on SQLWorkbence.exe, if you have JDK 8 and above your application will open or else you will get the following error ( If application go directly to step 5 )
Step 4: Download the Jave from this link
and install, after installing  run the application once again
Step 5: Once you open the application, you will get window like below
Give the Name of the connection I gave it as Tableau, you can give any name you want and select postgres in the Driver Dropdown, you will get pop up like below
In order the map the driver first we need to download postgrejdbcdriver  which you will from this link

Once you downloaded the file go to SQl/J workbench and click on Yes and map the driver
Click on the folder icon and select the jar file which you downloaded and click OK
Step 6: you need to enter the URL ( which is like DNS Mapping)

Change the host to localhost or IP address
change the port to 8060
change the name of the database to workgroup
Step 7: We need to provide username and password. for demo purpose, i am using username tableau and its password (which you will get from the previous post)
Step 8: Click on Test and your connection will get succeded will show like below
Step 9: Press CTRL+D, and it will open the data source explorer
Step 10: Since tableau user have only access to views, let’s filter out only views
Step 11: You will get the list of views, select any view and run the query and you will get the data.
Step 12:  If you try to access the tables with the “tableau” user then you will get an access denied error.
in order to access tables, you need to log in with “readonly”  user
if you want o access the sequences, tables, views then use the “tblwgadmin” user

Let me know if any issues while connecting, in the coming posts will explain how you can connect to PostgreDB from Tableau and create custom admin Views.

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