Hello All,

As far as i saw in my Career many people download the Tableau Desktop and use it for 14 days after that they can’t continue because it gets expires. But with some little tweaking i tried to get the license for both the Tableau Desktop and Server.

Usually tableau release beta versions to test the software, along with it Tableau will provide Product keys which is valid for 6 months.

  1. Whenever Tableau release beta version , they will send out a mail to registered users to register for the beta version.
  2. But, from recently 10.5 onwards tableau started a public website which can be accessible to anyone who have tableau id.

Let’s see how we can get the license,

  • Click on this link Pre-Release Tableau , you will be redirected to Tableau pre-release website
  • Click on “Sign in with your Tableau Account“, then you will be redirected to the Tableau login Screen
  • Give the Email ID and Password with which you already registered or if you don’t have  an account , create a account using “Create an account” option under sign in.
  • Once u give the creds, you will be redirected to Tableau Pre-Release website
  • Drag down and reach the “My Projects” Section
  • Click on Tableau 10.5 Beta and you will be directed to Tableau 10.5 Beta Home Page.
  • Click on Download 10.5 Beta 1 under “Tableau Beta Resources” Section
  • Once you click on the “Download 10.5 Beta 1” then you will be directed to download page and select the whatever Tableau Product you want to download
  • select “Tableau Desktop”  and following page will appears
  • Under “Beta Product Keys” you will get the Tableau Desktop and Tableau server keys
  • If you slide down the you will be able to see Software executable link , click on that and your download will automatically will start

Installation of Tableau Desktop will explain in next posts. Kindly put down the comments if any one need help on this.

Note: Beta Versions some times wont be available for normal users so please try your luck.