Hello Newbies,

Welcome to the world of Tableau. If you are starting to Learn Tableau, you are going to be hot cake once you Master it.

Usually any software related to IT Comes with the license, if you buy it then only you will be able to use tool up to maximum extent. Same in the case of Tableau

Tableau software initially available for 14 days trial once u download it or you can download Tableau Public which is free tool but with limited data source connections or you can acquire Tableau Student License which will be for one year.

Lets see the option how can we download Tableau Desktop from Tableau Website. Usually when you reach the Tableau Download website you will get the Latest version software but if you want to download the previous versions also then  follow the below process which help you to download Tableau Desktop any version from Tableau Website.

  1. Click on the Link Tableau Download and then you will be redirected to Tableau releases website.
  2. In the website you will be able to find the software of all versions of Tableau Desktop, Server and Online.
  3. On the Left Side of the pane you will see tableau products like Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online
  4. Click on the product which you want to download ( for example “Click on Tableau Desktop”)
  5. You will see tableau Versions listing like 10.4 , 10.3 and so on. Click on the version you want to download
  6. You will be able to the see builds of the selected tableau version
  7. If you doesn’t know which build to download, just click on the higher build version available.
  8. Once you redirected to select build version download window, you will see a pop up like “Download<Product name> <Build Version>
  9. Click on the Download popup, you will be redirected to “Download Files” section which shows window files and Mac Files
  10. Click on whatever the version and media to download as per system configurations.
  11. Automatically your file will get downloaded.