We have seen how context filter works and what will be the issues if we use.

Now let’s see how to use the index ( ):

Step 1: Remove the Product from Filter, you will be able to see all the products

Step 2: Create a calculated Called “Index

Step 3: Click on the Calculated field which created and change it to Discrete
Step 4: Create a calculated field called “Validation”
Step 6: Drag the validation field to Filter and Select “True”

Step 7: Now we will get the view with top 10 Products

Step 8: Now change the filter to “accessories”, you will get the accessories top 10 products
 This is what exactly we want, now let’s understand the core functionality what exactly happened

Whenever we use table calculation data gets hidden out once it comes to the View.

Let’s try out First ( ) and Last ( ) by yourself and Give the calculation in Comments what you have done