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Dimension fiter and Top 10 filter – Not Cheese and Butter – Dimension to Context Filter

As we have seen the Cause, what happening with Dimension and top 10 filters, now let’s see the resolution

Step 1: As we already Developed the view, Just change the Subcategory filter from Dimension to Context

Step 2: After clicking on “Add to Context”, you will get the Top 10 Products for “Accessories”
Wow,😳😵😲 now we got the view how is it possible. Let’s see what exactly happened.

As you see the above image, When we use dimension filters first top 10 is applying then our dimension filter. But when we use Context, first the data is getting created in a view and on top of that Top 10 filter is getting applied.


➤ Whenever we use context filter, if it is a static value then performance will increase. But when we keep on changing the context filter like we did from accessories to binders, binders to all it will impact the performance. Because every time when you change the filter, query is sent to DB/extract and temporary view will be created

Example: When you selected “Accessories” all the data belong to accessories will get stored in view and on top of that remaining filters will get applied. Again when you change filter from “Accessories to Binders”, again query will be sent to background and temporary view will get created for Binders and on top of that remaining filters will apply

So every time when u change the context filter, every time temporary view needs to be created which will impact the performance.

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