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Do you prefer LOD or Table Calculations?

LOD Calculations
Table Calculations

Do you prefer Light or Dark Background?

Light Background
Dark Background
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Do you prefer Pie or Bar Chart?

Pie Chart
Bar Chart
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You use Tableau to work on

Personal Projects

What do you use Tableau for?

Data Exploration + Visualization
Visualization only
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The oldest Tableau desktop version you have worked on

6.0 or older
10.0 or older
2018.1 or older
2020.2 or older
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Number of dashboards you usually create in a single workbook

more than 20
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On average you spend more time on:

Tableau Public
Tableau Server
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You are able to compute Table Calculations correctly in the first attempt:

Always (Like a boss!)
More often than not
Never (I hate TC!)
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You show variance using:

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Tableau Tip #1: Format Boolean Calculation

Hello Community,

Hope you guys are doing good. After 6 Months of vacation Started blogging again . Little history, Due to Database error I lost my website content which is 2 years of effort gone in seconds. I am starting blogging with series of Posts going further you will be seeing more of blogpost covering WoW Challenges , Tableau Prep Challenges, Alteryx , MoM Dashboards & Many More Content. Plus I will be Sharing a Tip/Trick or Learning daily so stay tuned

First Tip I am sharing here which I observed few days back

Business Scenario:
Color the Sub Categories based on Profit Ratio , If Profit ratio is Less than 0 Show Red Color , If it is More than 0 then Green Color. With legend Yes or No

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