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Author: Naveen Bandla

Extract Dates From a String- Tableau

Other day we saw how to extract numbers from a string lets spice the things up let’s see how we…

Extract numbers from a string – Tableau

While i am solving the problems in the Tableau Community I see there are lot of Questions asked about how…


Let’s get started deciphering this week #WoW Challenge. Viz to Create: Let’s decipher based on the image US Map we…

WEEK 9: Can You Remove the Scroll Bar?

After a long time resuming the Blogging and Why not start with the project which I Love Most. Yes, its…

#WoWDecipher – Week 1 – Sales Drill Down

#WorkoutWednesday – Week 1 – Sales Drill DownChallenge: Sales Drill DownDataset: Download Data Set from Here

Calendar Date to Julian Date (CYDDDD and YYYYDDD)

While I was answering one of the tableau Community questions, I came across this question where User want’s to convert…

#WoWDecipher Week4-Common Base Line charts & NFL QB’s

WorkOut Wednesday Week 4Challenge: Common Base Line Charts and NFL QB’sDataset: Download the data from HereVisualization to replicate: #WoW-Week4

#WoWDecipher Week3 – The State of U.S.Jobs

#Workout Wednesday Week 3 out of 53 Challenge :  Here are the Requirements: > My viz is 875×2150. Your’s doesn’t…

MakeOverMondayWk22-The world’s most expensive prime property

Makeover Monday Week22- The world’s most expensive prime property  

Tableau Certification – On the D-Day-4 of 4

Hi All, Finally got time to write, last part of the series. In the previous posts as we learn how…

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